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Winter 2020 $1,086,953 Winners
Anna Sousa, Mississauga
“If you don’t have your health, money won’t do any good for you."

Money is money, but health is health

Anna Sousa believes you don’t have to be personally touched by heart disease or stroke to appreciate the toll they take on Canadians. “In my immediate family, my parents, no (heart disease). My brother, no. My sister, no. My other sister, no. Me, no. We’re all OK.”

And yet the 50-year-old Mississauga resident says she’s been buying Heart & Stroke Lottery tickets for the last five years because supporting the foundation’s mission is a personal priority. “What makes it important to me? A heart attack or stroke can happen anytime—you have to pay attention to the signs.”

Winner of $1,086,952.50 in this year’s 50/50 draw, Anna says her prize is “an extra bonus.” But it’s not really why she supports Heart & Stroke.

“Money is money, but health is health. If you don’t have your health, money won’t do any good for you,” Anna says. And she would know. Anna has multiple sclerosis—and she’s saving much of her winnings in case she needs the money to care for her health down the road. She also bought herself a new condominium.

“It’s stress-free to have that extra money to pay for stuff,” Anna says, though she doesn’t think the prize alone should be what motivates people to play. “If you don’t win, it’s a $100 ticket. Try again. Or go in with someone else. It’s a good cause.”

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