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Winter 2020 $140,000 Winners
Tom & Karen Davidson, Victoria Harbour
“I've been playing the Lottery since it’s been going."

After little wins, a grand prize

When Tom Davidson found out he was a Grand Prize winner in the 2020 Heart & Stroke Lottery, it wasn’t difficult for him to put one over on his wife, Karen. The 62-year-old has been playing the lottery “since it’s been going,” he says. And he’s no stranger to winning—though usually $25 Visa gift cards.

So after his name was drawn for this year’s grand prize, a choice of a Thor ACE 30.3 RV or $140,000, Tom pulled up this year’s announcement in a web browser and lined it up with a listing showing he’d won another gift card. He called his wife to come take a look.

“You should have been that Thomas Davidson,” Karen said, immediately spotting the Grand Prize winner’s name. And then she noticed that just like her husband, the $140,000-winning Thomas Davidson lives in Victoria Harbour, an Ontario community of just 2,600. After playing the Heart & Stroke Lottery for two decades, her Tom had finally claimed one of the top prizes.

The long-time Heart & Stroke donor supports the lottery because he believes the foundation’s research and public health education initiatives have real-life impacts for so many, including his own father, who underwent triple bypass surgery.

For Tom, Heart & Stroke has been a lifesaver in another way: his winnings have helped him to pay off his mortgage and keep his retirement plans on track after the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to derail them.

“I planned to retire next April,” says the construction worker. “It didn’t look like it was going to happen, but winning this, now it’s going to happen for sure.”

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